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Here I allocate some my interesting projects, articles and just observations in hope that they will be useful for someone. If you are interested in collaboration, explanation or just in conversation - feel free to contact me.

When I created this page, I had solved - I will not copy-and-paste. There are zillions sites in the internet and all what they do - it's just copying. I think it's pointless. Everything presented here is an original development.

About me
I am pursuing a diploma in system programming at Donetsk National Technical University, Ukraine

I think programming cannot be treated as just a subject or yet an another stuff, it's the whole world. There are no rules, laws or borders, only we limit ourselves. So, we need put together all our will and break this line. In order to overcome ourselves, to become better than we were before. Things don't become easier - we become stronger.

On the left and right side of this page you can cast a glance at my (some of) works.


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